fishpixl - what's that?

fishpixl is a free service provided by SUBSEQ.NET. It intends to be a platform to share information related to the world of fish and their habitat. The service itself primarily targets at private persons for determining fish and fish species with the help of (fish) imagery. Besides the pure view of pictures, users are able to post own fish pictures in the mobile app via our internet page


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fishpixl - the idea behind?

The idea behind fishpixl came from a desire for a very intuitive and visually appealing fish identification using mobile. In addition the user can flexibly decide whether he searches the fish database online via data connection or offline, e.g. on vacation (to avoid roaming costs) or on a boat tour (w/o internet connectivity).

Ownership & Copyright

Every (picture-) database is only as good as its content. Therefore we like to encourage and invite interested user, to share their pictures with others.
To do so, it is necessary to pay attention to some legal constraints, which are described in the following section:

With a submission of new pictures of fish or fish categories you commit to at least one of the following statements
a) you are the author of the submitted content
b) the submitted work is in the public domain, meaning it is free for use by anyone for any purpose without restriction under copyright law
c) the copyright holder has given his consent to the usage described above.

You are obliged to observe the laws of copyright. Do not duplicate content that is not your own property or is intended for reproduction in the sense described above. Do not send us any copyrighted work without permission of the copyright holder.

If you provide us with pictures, to which you hold the copyright, you agree to do this under the
Creative Commons License "CC-BY-SA" and the
GNU Free Documentation License ("GFDL").

For additional information please refer to:

Any use of fishpixl for commercial purposes without the express permission of SUBSEQ.NET is not allowed.

Duty of care

As an author you should select your images and their description very carefully to the best of knowledge and belief.

Pictures and descriptions which are

clearly erroneous
harmful to minors
or otherwise unacceptable

will be deleted without prior notification to the author.

SUBSEQ.NET reserves as operator, to exclude authors from its service, who violate the terms of use.

Content responsibility and limitation of liability

The pictures and descriptions provided on fishpixl are intended for general information / orientation and do not satisfy any scientific claim. Any content will be reviewed by SUBSEQ.NET and apparently checked for correctness.

SUBSEQ.NET does not take any liability for the correctness of the content, especially not for the correct description or categorization of fish information. Viewers are invited to review the available content in fishpixl always critical and inform themselves additionally in all cases from other sources.

Furthermore SUBSEQ.NET does also not take for links that point to other websites any liability for the correctness of the information there.


Since fishpixl is a free, non-paid service, SUBEQ.NET does not guarantee the continuous availability of the application. SUBSEQ.NET reserves the right to limit the availability of fishpixl for technical reasons or for maintenance work at any time or discontinue the service completely.

Commercial use

With the submission of content you agree that SUBSEQ.NET for the purpose of refinancing its Internet site, reserves the right to use contents or parts of it commercially in electronic or printed form, e.g. through the marketing of advertising space on the website and/or in its mobile applications.